Antimatter what does it matter

Now that antimatter is verified and produced in a lab the number one positive is the making of a new bomb, hereby referrenced as, the bomb. The bomb easy to make and test compared to any other possible uses of antimatter captures the imagination of, world powers and not so world powers. So humanity is once again faced with technology at a cost. The good points of antimatter exceed the worry of the bomb, clean power with no side effects, medical benefits, a new job base. Detonating the bomb eliminates the good points.

Grandmother knew the moment grandfather died fighting in France WWI, is it possible the brain uses antimatter as a superhighway and the cosmic experience for fortune tellers is true and now verifiable. The bomb does have good points.


the art market

Black painted pole in concrete with multicolor...

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Was it Andy whose painting just sold for 35 million. Just think what you could do with 35 million for starters you could buy Andy’s painting. Being a thousandaire creates a more mundane taste, Glidden, m a b, creating 1 color or maybe three for a room and you do it yourself for 64 dollars and probably just as satisfying. In 5 years a new color applied again a new satisfaction. The owner of the new Andy 5 years later bored with it and put it up for sale, results 112 million dollars. You look at the room just painted with satisfaction still unconcerned with the results of the Andy. One day you and the previous owner of the Andy meet at habitat for humanity not knowing anything of the other.The Andy owner picks the colors for the room you are to paint, you paint then stand back and look at it with satisfaction, unconcerned. The Andy owner hands you a coke and says, nice job.

The Good ol boy network

The good ol boy network launching sometime soon. Shows will include Defrauding government the easy way, Manipulation of Zimbabwe fruit vendors, Space exploration a lesson in skimming, Fishing for dauphin, Coal burning false swap credit paperwork for beginners, Dark pools hosted by area 51 staff, Lets do it again mortgage fraud 2010 and beyond, War for profit, Global racketeering 101, Hiding this post,

Manipulation of the stock market notttttt

Manipulating the stock market is pure fabrication. It would require the participation of a group of companies where an independent group could set up an independent network in those companies. Everyone knows that would be impossible with the laws to prevent that from happening, besides it would make Bernie Madoff look angelic. Lets stay focused on the facts, the mortgage fiasco was just an unfortunate episode in american history where in fact every person involved just happened to create false documentation, dark pools used solely by water heater repairmen and Enron was because of a guy who died before testimony could be given, the civil suit afterwards had no bearing on the reason.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely is an old cliché and not applicable in today’s business climate. In conclusion evidence abounds for alien takeover.

Seeking Sarah

Writer Joe McGinnis rented the house next to Sarah Palin while writing a book about Palin. Mr. McGinnis explained not to spy on Palin but for the reasonable rent. His next book is about Bernie Madoff.

airport smile

With recent events at USA airports the debate to fly or not to fly that is the question. Good, bad and frequent flyer points are all being taken into consideration, calculated risks by not so friendly flyers is being thwarted along with grandpa, grandma, little Jackie Sue, The Kingston Trio, and The Dalai Lama (last USA visit 2010 pre system installation). A certain person remaining nameless is now flying more opting for the pat down and then asking for a cavity search assuring everyone’s safety and getting a freebie for a change. Future results once word gets out will have air travel see a resurgence of happy flyers. Non flyers may opt to change a current defiant stance seeing the benefits of the new system, phobics may lose the fear of flying knowing of the new benefit. Testosterone laden folks would sleep through the flight. The benefits of the new system far outweigh the inconvenience if procedure is handled properly.

trip to my lawyer

After several moments the lawyer looked at me and spoke. Well this is the settlement, the doctors are taking a large percentage my dog needs an operation the firm needs 5 new employees and the electric turned back on. My fee has gone up another 30 percent since I last talked to you which leaves you with two dollars and 35 cents, which reminds me we no longer pay for the parking garage hope you bought money with you.

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