New massage machine put out by Trojan.

After a neck operation rehab is slow, long, and boring.  To liven it up a little bit the new massage machine by Trojan  will arrive soon. The claim to the machine’s fame is that it rotates creating a  wonderful experience. Hoping it works on my repaired neck I’m sitting here waiting for the delivery of the masterful machine.  The commercial showed everyone with a good neck.


Verizon the union and commercial of wages

So the company Verizon, makes a commercial puts up a salary and says employees make too much money and that’s why it’s ok to take health care coverage away from the employees. So let’s see with that attitude how about if the employees drop Verizon pick up AT&T then ask friends and family to do the same after all AT&T pays employee benefits and a salary.

WUTBURGER Understanding America

Americans are trying to increase the  job base and GNP of course it is nice to see another country bailing out the world, and complaining about it. By the way Germany has 3500 companies in America. One World Odor.

computer crash blame who

refer to previous blog

Perplexed The answer is Germany

Ask Any question and then just answer Germany. Example: Who is responsible for the 2008 USA financial meltdown? sort of like a Ouija board.

J P Morgan

J P Morgan has just announced Enron stocks will no longer be traded.

democrat vs. republican

Today it is the same party and it is a party.

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