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The Dinner Date

On or about April 3rd 1999 a dinner date between a man and a woman took place. Both enjoyed each others company, and for years after the dinner dates continued once a month, each enjoying the others company. On the last dinner date the man explained to the woman he would be moving away. I’ll miss our dinner dates, said the daughter.


I was number 4 I am

Having multiple personalities I am now Number 6.

Icky Leaks Founder Arrested For Gum On Shoe

First flag of the Honourable East India Company

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Icky Leaks founder arrested in Latvia yesterday on a 2007 warrant by Bermuda (originally  named Somers Isles)  Police. The warrant states chewing gum left on the founder’s shoe is a match for chewing gum left at the scene of a bicycle accident as he was crossing  where Harrington Sound Road meets Devil’s Hole Hill, Smith’s Parrish, named after Sir Thomas Smith or Smythe the first Governor of the East India Company is one of nine parishes in Bermuda.

Apparently chewing gum on the bottom of the founder’s shoe, not cleaned off, caused the bicycle accident injuring the ego’s of both cyclist, world leaders from different countries not as yet identified in the complaint. Immediately a determination made by local authorities implicated the founder of Icky Leaks. The Founder wanted in connection has not had a DNA sample taken for definitive proof and is fighting extradition from Latvia.

Icky leaks has been having problems with a number countries for leaking classified information as seen on infomercials by Kevin Trudeau.

Gmail Free Phone

Gmail's logo

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Gmail with a free telephone nothing today is free,  no way. Surprised as anyone the first phone call after installation free, next one free, following ten free, first month free, second month free, could it be free. Discovery of free, hypothesis once proven becomes theory, this theory is therefore free along with free phone calls on a Gmail account, free, free, free. Elation increases as free enters cognitive thinking so that must also be free. The thinking by the people who from, conception to realty of the free phone is all free, free, free. Wonderment of free is just too much to cope with, that is also free. Google‘s concept team is now in the process of making Bently’s free, free, free., the post is free, free. free.

Millions of bottles of Mylanta recalled

logo Johnson and Johnson

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Johnson and Johnson recalls millions of bottles of Mylanta because of a less than 1 percent alcohol volume. Johnson and Johnson should be commended on the voluntary recall. The story on Aol Wallet Pop today at the time had 1 comment which has duly noted as a smile.

J Lee Aol  Wallet Pop comment quote as follows

Take some Mylanta to calm your stomach and end up in a different city after a two day bender thinking what the heck happened? That’s why I use Tums.


Icki Leaks

Internet Leaks

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Today Icki leaks came under attack by a cyber worm leaving Icki things all over the computer. Icki states that the attack came in at 238 bites per hour wreaking havoc on the system. The thing that upset customers of Icki most was the inability to read the post.

Driving Miss Daisy now Hiding Miss Daisy

Daisy could dance the clicity clicity in her younger days and folks liked it. When Daisy aged to the point of a walker and could no longer dance,  remembering those days and communicating them to other people became top priority. Now everyone ran for cover when she appeared to avoid the barrage of information Daisy shelled at them about her dancing days so distant. Daisy even older now was senile and her daughter sick of hearing about the dancing explained to her mother that the closet in the foyer was  indeed a dance hall. Whenever company came the daughter would send Daisy dancing. When Daisy’s brother came to visit also senile they spent many an hour in the dance hall. After Daisy died and then cremated, put in the foyer closet, her brother would come to visit, spending most of the time in the elk meeting  hall telling Daisy about his hunting days.

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