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Sarah Palin, Tipper Gore to run Newsfire 10 minutes ago

Sarah Palin and Tipper Gore announce political alliance presidential race, keep the pipeline of information flowing.


Beware the ides of startch

Did you notice that the company with the rep without the suit and tie does better than the company with the suit and tie rep.

Once again preparations are under way to relieve IRA’S of Cash

When IRA”s first came out. I told my friends they would steal it all.  A friend of mine just called to tell me my prediction has come true on several occasions, and another occasion is on the way.  I sold all my holdings 600 million to be exact. and was subpoenad in the MF GLOBAL fiasco. Guess my friend was right.

MF Global who has the 600 million

Rest assured smileofthehour does not have MF Global’s 600 million.

Congrats to Greek leadership

Congrats to greek leadership for bring the people of the country into the vote. Short everything

stock market falls on Greek worries

The manipulated  stock market if you did not realise it . Watch oil high between 87 and 92 sell everything low between 84 and 86 buy everything.  The oil cartel is not manipulating the stock market please refer to earlier post, or not.

JP Morgan to take 2 billion loss on MF Global NOT TO WORRY

JP Morgan to take 2 billion dollar loss on MF global unsecured loan, made 30 billion shorting it.

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