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the stock market

When you think it should be going up short it. When you think it is going to go down go long.


Psoriatic Arthritis in remission

The Doctor a well-respected rhuematologist explained to the patient that his only option was a wheel chair, and that gold shots should start immediately. The patient asked the doctor if any other treatment was advisable. The answer was no from the doctor. The patient left the office and did not return for ten years.
On the return visit 10 years later the Doctor looked at his notes and asked the patient what he had done he was in great shape, the psoriatic arthritis was in remission, the patient answered nothing even though he got the cure from his grandmother the day he left the Doctor’s office 10 years earlier. The Doctor tried again with the same question, again the patient answered nothing. The Doctor smiled and whispered I’ll be darned, the guy cures himself and doesn’t even know how he did it. The patient pointed up then to his right, the Doctor said I know what up means but I don’t know what pointing to your right means, the patient said, that is one of the great mysteries of life, when I pointed to my right you either know or not. Well apparently I don’t know said the doctor enlighten me. The patient said I pointed up to enlighten you I pointed right toward where the rest of my cure came from. What is the cure asked the doctor. The patient said if I told you I took a tablespoon of cod liver oil in the morning and then again at night for two years would you believe me. Probably not said the doctor, the patient pointed up.

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