Andy Warhol does it again self portrait sell for 17 million

The Andy likened to the Donald was never a casino owner but if one rolled the dice on the Andy wow what a payoff.  A seemingly quiet unobtrusive individual the Andy has outperformed just about every one of his peers and most of the predecessors. Did the Andy know something nobody else did or was it fate, guess a debate is in order since the Andy took the big dirt sleep.

One could argue both sides so a decision  to flip a coin for a true scientific result , heads if clairvoyant tails if dumb luck. No coin available so the janitor decided to draw one the front of the coin was of the Andy the other front of the coin the Donald. Before the janitor tossed the cardboard coin the United States mint offered him 100 million dollars to sell the drawing of the coin, the new coin due out next January.  As for the debate the janitor used direct deposit for the sale, still no coin.

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