Spontaneous Alcohol Syndrome Fact or Fiction

When is it time to pull spontaneous alcohol syndrome out for a good defense. In front of the judge while up on drunk driving charges. Most doctors will check for diabetes if false alcohol readings show up in a blood test and if that is not the problem then you’re a drunk, you drunk. But remember alcoholism is a disease and recognized as such, spontaneous alcohol syndrome is a disease but is not recognized as a disease so you’re a drunk not an alcoholic a drunk, one would be better off an alcoholic a recognized disease. So what do you do become an alcoholic along with the spontaneous alcohol syndrome,  problem with that is if you drink alcohol with spontaneous alcohol syndrome then you’re an alcoholic and the spontaneous alcohol syndrome doesn’t exist. So the defense isn’t going to work you non drinking alcoholic lying drunk so suck it up pay the fines go to rehab and hope you don’t get caught again you drunk. To all the people with spontaneous alcohol syndrome remember you always have fun and that’s a fact.

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