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Andy Warhol does it again self portrait sell for 17 million

The Andy likened to the Donald was never a casino owner but if one rolled the dice on the Andy wow what a payoff.  A seemingly quiet unobtrusive individual the Andy has outperformed just about every one of his peers and most of the predecessors. Did the Andy know something nobody else did or was it fate, guess a debate is in order since the Andy took the big dirt sleep.

One could argue both sides so a decision  to flip a coin for a true scientific result , heads if clairvoyant tails if dumb luck. No coin available so the janitor decided to draw one the front of the coin was of the Andy the other front of the coin the Donald. Before the janitor tossed the cardboard coin the United States mint offered him 100 million dollars to sell the drawing of the coin, the new coin due out next January.  As for the debate the janitor used direct deposit for the sale, still no coin.


Spontaneous Alcohol Syndrome Fact or Fiction

When is it time to pull spontaneous alcohol syndrome out for a good defense. In front of the judge while up on drunk driving charges. Most doctors will check for diabetes if false alcohol readings show up in a blood test and if that is not the problem then you’re a drunk, you drunk. But remember alcoholism is a disease and recognized as such, spontaneous alcohol syndrome is a disease but is not recognized as a disease so you’re a drunk not an alcoholic a drunk, one would be better off an alcoholic a recognized disease. So what do you do become an alcoholic along with the spontaneous alcohol syndrome,  problem with that is if you drink alcohol with spontaneous alcohol syndrome then you’re an alcoholic and the spontaneous alcohol syndrome doesn’t exist. So the defense isn’t going to work you non drinking alcoholic lying drunk so suck it up pay the fines go to rehab and hope you don’t get caught again you drunk. To all the people with spontaneous alcohol syndrome remember you always have fun and that’s a fact.

Valentine’s Day for that special someone

Would you love to go back and remember all the Valentine’s Days past. Some good some bad with that someone special. What about this Valentine’s Day what will you do to let someone know just how you feel about them. Still having problems, give them a card or make your own card;    Example: Dear Blank knowing you the way I do, your smile, enthusiasm, great disposition, when your other half is not  as vibrant and even nasty at some points. You shine like a beacon in the night, warm up the frigid day, make a molehill out of a mountain, and don’t believe a word of this card, HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY DEAR  All My Love Blank.

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