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Happy at last

The toilet works again.


Green dried tomatoes a good name for a movie.

Scene opens: A small house on an open prairie with horses cows pigs cats dogs chickens and an outhouse, on the porch of the house lots of activity.

Two men in their early 30’s  wait a minute  this is  broke up mountain.

who is the current president of the united states

We all know the name of the president of the united states but who is he. Please comment only nice comments  .

The admitted plagiarist

I should have been true, I shouldn’t wonder why your gone, I should have known that I was wrong. plagiarism  sometimes is good to acknowledge.

Remember the guy for two points

Remember the guy who put a video of himself on the web pleading for the press to leave a singer alone . What ever happened to him?

Walking The Dog

In the morning you get up turn the coffee on grab the leash to walk the dog and head for the door. On the journey around the block thinking about what you have to do that day you stop pull a bag out of your pocket and act like your picking something up so the neighbors can say isn’t that cute. Lunch take the dog again, Dinner again, then the last walk of the night always carrying that bag in your pocket. The bag designed to carry things that you buy and recycle picking up something you get for free. You may not want it but you get it for free anyway. Dogs are getting smaller and smaller wonder why. That cute wagging tail is all worth it though some may think not, probably cat people, try walking the cat. That little animal on the car insurance commercial never shuts up and talks down to people it needs a leash,  muzzle, and a mini plastic bag. This is the day of the dog that’s  pawful.

Who to blame for the common cold

A complainer would have a field day with this one. A Winer a lifetime of satisfaction. Society dictates that someone be blamed for the common cold and not to worry smileofthehour traced the common cold back to an unknown Neanderthal named Lol. Lol  blamed for the entire common cold epidemic of the human race. Lawsuits and the like entered against Lol for physical health of all human beings post Lol. The ancestral trail  recorded and descendents of Lol can pay the lawsuits. Sins of the father and all that stuff. One thing for sure Lol is upstairs somewhere lol. Are you wondering where lol came from.

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