Icky Leaks Founder Arrested For Gum On Shoe

First flag of the Honourable East India Company

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Icky Leaks founder arrested in Latvia yesterday on a 2007 warrant by Bermuda (originally  named Somers Isles)  Police. The warrant states chewing gum left on the founder’s shoe is a match for chewing gum left at the scene of a bicycle accident as he was crossing  where Harrington Sound Road meets Devil’s Hole Hill, Smith’s Parrish, named after Sir Thomas Smith or Smythe the first Governor of the East India Company is one of nine parishes in Bermuda.

Apparently chewing gum on the bottom of the founder’s shoe, not cleaned off, caused the bicycle accident injuring the ego’s of both cyclist, world leaders from different countries not as yet identified in the complaint. Immediately a determination made by local authorities implicated the founder of Icky Leaks. The Founder wanted in connection has not had a DNA sample taken for definitive proof and is fighting extradition from Latvia.

Icky leaks has been having problems with a number countries for leaking classified information as seen on infomercials by Kevin Trudeau.

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