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Christmas Break

Hi I have just broken every law of being politically correct and guess what I don’t care be back January 2. MERRY CHRISTMAS


post pre donation time

what would post pre indicate after before,  prior to writing about donation time now post, the idea came from an inspirational show (politically correct?). smileofthehour changing the format to an inspirational format obviously indicate spirituality, although tempting, competing in (look up) an arena where divine inspiration dictates the day. before and after a decision to vacate notions applying an inspirational theme for donations. a comment suggests green stamps, travelers checks, how about five golden rings, an underground bunker, the national debt of all countries donated to smileofthehour no more national debt.  forward to  countries for consideration.

post donation time

no donation janitor tired today and remains tired till goal of fifty cents . also no more capital letters  in this blog.

donation time

Since this blog is free it’s time for our monthly donation drive . Smileofthehour has a 25 cent pledge , that means if our readers contribute 25 cents collectively then we get the pledge of 25 cents plus the 25 cents in donations 50 cents total. Forget it smileofthehour needs 3000 dollars a day to stay in business, smileofthehour folded the day it opened it’s doors, I’m the janitor.

The Dinner Date

On or about April 3rd 1999 a dinner date between a man and a woman took place. Both enjoyed each others company, and for years after the dinner dates continued once a month, each enjoying the others company. On the last dinner date the man explained to the woman he would be moving away. I’ll miss our dinner dates, said the daughter.

I was number 4 I am

Having multiple personalities I am now Number 6.

Icky Leaks Founder Arrested For Gum On Shoe

First flag of the Honourable East India Company

Image via Wikipedia

Icky Leaks founder arrested in Latvia yesterday on a 2007 warrant by Bermuda (originally  named Somers Isles)  Police. The warrant states chewing gum left on the founder’s shoe is a match for chewing gum left at the scene of a bicycle accident as he was crossing  where Harrington Sound Road meets Devil’s Hole Hill, Smith’s Parrish, named after Sir Thomas Smith or Smythe the first Governor of the East India Company is one of nine parishes in Bermuda.

Apparently chewing gum on the bottom of the founder’s shoe, not cleaned off, caused the bicycle accident injuring the ego’s of both cyclist, world leaders from different countries not as yet identified in the complaint. Immediately a determination made by local authorities implicated the founder of Icky Leaks. The Founder wanted in connection has not had a DNA sample taken for definitive proof and is fighting extradition from Latvia.

Icky leaks has been having problems with a number countries for leaking classified information as seen on infomercials by Kevin Trudeau.

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