Driving Miss Daisy now Hiding Miss Daisy

Daisy could dance the clicity clicity in her younger days and folks liked it. When Daisy aged to the point of a walker and could no longer dance,  remembering those days and communicating them to other people became top priority. Now everyone ran for cover when she appeared to avoid the barrage of information Daisy shelled at them about her dancing days so distant. Daisy even older now was senile and her daughter sick of hearing about the dancing explained to her mother that the closet in the foyer was  indeed a dance hall. Whenever company came the daughter would send Daisy dancing. When Daisy’s brother came to visit also senile they spent many an hour in the dance hall. After Daisy died and then cremated, put in the foyer closet, her brother would come to visit, spending most of the time in the elk meeting  hall telling Daisy about his hunting days.

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