the art market

Black painted pole in concrete with multicolor...

Image via Wikipedia

Was it Andy whose painting just sold for 35 million. Just think what you could do with 35 million for starters you could buy Andy’s painting. Being a thousandaire creates a more mundane taste, Glidden, m a b, creating 1 color or maybe three for a room and you do it yourself for 64 dollars and probably just as satisfying. In 5 years a new color applied again a new satisfaction. The owner of the new Andy 5 years later bored with it and put it up for sale, results 112 million dollars. You look at the room just painted with satisfaction still unconcerned with the results of the Andy. One day you and the previous owner of the Andy meet at habitat for humanity not knowing anything of the other.The Andy owner picks the colors for the room you are to paint, you paint then stand back and look at it with satisfaction, unconcerned. The Andy owner hands you a coke and says, nice job.

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