airport smile

With recent events at USA airports the debate to fly or not to fly that is the question. Good, bad and frequent flyer points are all being taken into consideration, calculated risks by not so friendly flyers is being thwarted along with grandpa, grandma, little Jackie Sue, The Kingston Trio, and The Dalai Lama (last USA visit 2010 pre system installation). A certain person remaining nameless is now flying more opting for the pat down and then asking for a cavity search assuring everyone’s safety and getting a freebie for a change. Future results once word gets out will have air travel see a resurgence of happy flyers. Non flyers may opt to change a current defiant stance seeing the benefits of the new system, phobics may lose the fear of flying knowing of the new benefit. Testosterone laden folks would sleep through the flight. The benefits of the new system far outweigh the inconvenience if procedure is handled properly.

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