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Driving Miss Daisy now Hiding Miss Daisy

Daisy could dance the clicity clicity in her younger days and folks liked it. When Daisy aged to the point of a walker and could no longer dance,  remembering those days and communicating them to other people became top priority. Now everyone ran for cover when she appeared to avoid the barrage of information Daisy shelled at them about her dancing days so distant. Daisy even older now was senile and her daughter sick of hearing about the dancing explained to her mother that the closet in the foyer was  indeed a dance hall. Whenever company came the daughter would send Daisy dancing. When Daisy’s brother came to visit also senile they spent many an hour in the dance hall. After Daisy died and then cremated, put in the foyer closet, her brother would come to visit, spending most of the time in the elk meeting  hall telling Daisy about his hunting days.


Leslie Nielsen meets John Candy

Leslie Nielsen's star on Canada's Walk of Fame

Image via Wikipedia

With all the sadness over the death of Leslie Nielsen is a bright spot. The 100 movie actor is starring in his real life movie today, credits go to  the thousands of people writing a eulogy and sharing across the net. Learning more and more about his accomplishments, wonderful real life disposition, and his friends family and admirers. A finer tribute would be hard to find. Thank you Leslie for all the joy you have given the world.

Green living

My neighbor just painted his house green, bought a new car the color green and all new clothes the color green. On top of that is urging the neighbors to do the same for the planet and the tax break.

Sky rockets in flight

Neolithic axes found in Korea.

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N-S Korea have the world’s attention, both taking a hard stance. Yo  somebody has nukes they win, can you say duh.

The best thing for stress

Willie again arrested for marijuana, says that even doctors will tell you marijuana is the best thing for stress. After posting bail, feeling stressed wonder if Willie had to self medicate.

What to do with those leftovers

Start by dividing into groups meat salad starch likes dislikes, put in plastic bags, containers , wait two weeks then throw out.

trip to the doctors

Most people see the doctor a couple of times a year. The work load of the doctor is tremendous, proposing an alternative to lighten the load and increase the salary is viewed as a burden to the patient and the economy. An alternative system, is coming soon controlled by the government, please pray.

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